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Sultan Group of Companies has the doctrine of viewing every project in its totality. We staunchly believe in optimizing and improving economic and social necessities and handling both small and huge projects with an identical focus on peculiarities and standards.


Sultan Group of Companies believes in deliverance. We offer you the perfect solutions and investment plans that customize your requirements. Our services include: Architecture, Construction, Legal Solutions, Land Acquisition, Consultancy, and Marketing.

why choose Sultan Group of company?

With our vast experience in procurement, planning, architecture, and construction services, as well as consultancy and legal services, we promise to meet and exceed your expectations.



Together, we exist to build life into our client’s visions and the community’s future. Sultan Group of Companies as a result of its meticulous planning and unconventional designing has become a name of credibility and brilliance in the construction sector. Our construction unit is equipped with advanced technological capabilities for planning and constructing. Our dynamic team of professional craftsmen onboard has practical knowledge and know-how of dealing with project delivery of varying scale and complexity.



Sultan Marketing augments businesses by planning, strategizing and designing strategies in accordance with the requirements and specifications. Sultan Marketing possesses the finest marketers to enhance and develop our projects. Sultan Marketing relies on its creativity and innovation to stand out from the others. Sultan Marketing aims to deliver independent value for our clients through our content, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the value of our projects, strengthening our brand loyalty and increasing sales.


Land Procurement

Securing the proper site for any kind and scope of construction work can be just as important as the building or the project itself. Multiple essential factors such as selection and negotiation of land, making sure it's free of any litigation or encumbrance, sources of noise, traffic flow, soil conditions, and all zoning requirements need to be considered. Our widespread and reliable knowledge and connections in the real estate industry allow us to work jointly with our clients and sales partners to ensure they find the right site for their businesses.



Architecture is the technique and art of designing and building. We believe in providing clients with aesthetically pleasing designs and plans while carrying them out with the best functionality. We create a modern and efficient structure that charms all the needs of the client. The schematic engineers of Sultan Architect understand the scope of the projects and make the best use of the available resources for a tremendous delivery.



Our wealth management firm is highly distinguished and is made to entertain real estate consultancy and investment needs of our clients. With an improvised approach and a deep knowledge of the industry, our consultancy team aims at promoting and achieving profitable goals. We design and deliver quality business consultancy solutions such as investment and development plans and business forecasts about existing and upcoming ventures.

Legal Solution

Sultan Law Firm is here to assist, guide, and provide legal aid to form the world of law and order. Our law firm specializes in corporate matters as well as offers consultancy to valuable clients. We try our best to meet their legal needs with compassion and concern. Our legal consultants have extensive experience in the field of the corporate sector. We believe the law is valuable, not because it is a law but because there is always a right to it.

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Sultan Group of Companies has carved its roots in Procurement, Planning, Architecture & Development in the construction sector and Consultancy & Legal Services.