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Sultan Group, a venerable name in the real estate and development industry since 1989, has been instrumental in reshaping Pakistan’s urban landscape. With an illustrious history of mega projects and a commitment to excellence, Sultan Group has left an indelible mark on the nation’s infrastructure. One of their most noteworthy endeavors in recent times has been the revival and rapid development of Qurtaba City since April 2021. 

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Chairman sultan group

Mr. Malik Arshad Hussain

The fundamentals behind the success of Sultan Group are the desire for fairness, integrity, and veracity. Our journey commenced with an aspiration to deliver state-of-the-art living to our society. By the Grace of Allah, Sultan Group has now become a brand synonymous with success in the field of Real Estate Development and Consultancy.

We will proceed on our way with determination and righteousness. All challenges in our journey will be handled without compromising on our principles, staying loyal to ethical values, and showing respect to the environment and ethos. I would like to seize the moment here to applaud all members of Sultan Group. Without their meticulous efforts, all these achievements and accomplishments would not have been possible. Insha’Allah, we will keep on fulfilling every commitment and engagement made to our patrons and business alliances.

Mr. Malik Arshad Hussain

We will proceed on our way with determination and righteousness.

Chairman Sultan Group
Co. chairman sultan group

Mr. asghar malik

We are the top-real estate management firm, built to cater to and entertain investment, land acquisition, and real estate consultancy needs. We focus on the essential factors such as the selection & negotiation of land, making sure it is litigation free & encumbrance-free, sources of noise, traffic flow, soil conditions, and zoning requirements that need to be considered.

We have expertise in negotiating & evaluating to identify & evaluate these factors and mitigate all or any associated potential problems. Our team aims at promoting and achieving profitable goals by lifting the bar to new heights. With improvised proficiency and greater performance, we deliver quality business consulting solutions for development plans, investment plans, forecasts about upcoming projects, marketing, and promotion of projects.

Mr. Asghar Malik

CEO sultan group

Mr. Muhammad Amjad Malik

Creativity and innovation play a major role in determining the future of any endeavor in today’s competitive environment. We have been striving since 1989 to provide the most unique and customer-friendly projects all over Pakistan. From residential projects like Qurtaba City to commercial ventures such as Sultan Plaza, Platino, AAS Business Center, The Square Islamabad and The Ark, Sultan Marketing has always aimed to achieve excellence. 

As the Director Marketing, Sultan Group, I feel privileged to connect with our privileged clients and investors who take a keen interest in the development ensuing at our various projects. It is due to their unwavering support that we have made it this far achieving our goals and getting new accomplishments. Our team at Sultan Marketing is highly focused and motivated and aims to be a leader in the field of marketing and development.

Mr. Muhammad Amjad Malik

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Sultan Group is a name of Experience and trust For the past three decades. We are a reliable team, well versed and well educated in the Real Estate Industry.