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About us

Sultan Group of companies

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Arshad Malik​


Our main objective at the Sultan Group of Companies is to grow, succeed and to become a leader in every business that we are engaging in, while still adhering to our values of respect, integrity and our commitment to excellence. We bring our traditional values of honesty, trust and fairness to our business relationships. Alhamdulilah, we have grown to become one of the largest business groups in Pakistan through a talented human resource pool, responsible financial management and the ability to create business opportunities that coincide with our principles. With our innovative ways of working and developing our business relationships, we continue to look forward to a brighter future.

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the team members of the Sultan Group of Companies. All of our achievements and accomplishments would not have been possible without their meticulous efforts. Insha Allah we will keep fulfilling our commitments and engagements made to our patrons and clients.

board of directors

The esteemed leadership of the Sultan Group of Companies is a constant source of guidance. They are the keystone of the organization’s success. Composed of a group of individual experts in their respective fields, we are a results-driven real estate association. Our team consists of zealous and passionate real-estate professionals working meticulously to provide you with the best outcomes.

Mr. Asghar Malik

Co-chairman Sultan Group

At Sultan Group Of Companies, we are working tirelessly to achieve our vision by creating a constructive, dynamic and resourceful work environment. We have aimed to streamline and completely revamp the real estate sector of Pakistan and revolutionize the experience of buying and selling of assets by instigating an essence of transformation, innovation and cooperation. We focus on spotlighting investment opportunities and the advancement of our business relationships.

Mr. Amjad Malik

CEO. Sultan Group

I feel privileged to connect with our valued clients and investors who take a keen interest in the development happening at our various ventures. It is due to the unwavering support of our clients that we have made it this far achieving our goals and reaching new accomplishments. The Sultan Group of Companies has always aimed to achieve perfection. Our team at Sultan Marketing is highly motivated and focused and always aims to be a leader in the field of development and marketing.

Mr. Abid Malik

Group Head Legal Solutions

Sultan Group of Companies provides legal solutions in a way that saves our clients time and makes things hassle-free. We support your businesses by providing low-cost and high-quality legal solutions that enable our clients to focus on more complex areas of their businesses. In essence, we push to make life easier for our clients. With a particular focus on financial services, it gives us supreme knowledge of the market and what it means to be commercial. Our thoughtful approach allows us to be straightforward, resulting in quick legal solutions.

Mr. Moin Malik

Group Head Architecture

Sultan Architects provide services such as concept design development and the preparation of construction documents. Our services also include feasibility studies of projects as well as project management. The team at Sultan Architects are working to create a more sustainable world and are developing new approaches to the environments that all of us share. As a firm, we continue to make significant commitments that will lead to the conservation of biodiversity, energy and resources in every project that we undertake.